Refurbished copier and printer sales

Copiers and printers being a necessity for all businesses are an essential tool in the field of commerce. Copiers and printers is advanced supplying this technology at great prices too.

The wide range of copiers and printers we offer are tailored for your advantage. A business gains advantage through the technology that the specific business chooses to make use of, the brainchild of a successful business. A printing machine with the best quality, and affordably priced and fast is what you are seeking.


The sheer volume of light weight, compact and superior machines that last a long time and are genuine is now a big requirement world-wide. Endurance is also important, Copiers and Printers machines are built to last, as these machines pass regulation standards and have been used by industry experts and executives alike Refurbished copier and printer sales


The ink is longer lasting, now able to save ink while providing high quality printing. This ink is accompanied by space saving new technology which is modern and up to date.


Aesthetics are also important and with our copiers and printers you will be getting the best printers in Gauteng. The beauty in our products is the result of our dedicated eye which is focused on selecting office equipment that we know you will love to gaze at as well as view.

The latest features are important in distinguishing our brands of copiers from the other competitors on the market. That’s why we have a list of special specifications listed on our website so that you can witness for yourself the power of the latest features that we have. When you see our brochure you will be both amazed and impressed at the amount of uniqueness we truly offer.


There are many experiences we have and among them is how to add advantage to a client when it comes to pricing – we are an affordable copiers and printers company, our prices are the most competitive in all of Gauteng. Our prices ensure that our customers keep coming back for more and to their advantage our existing clients and customers get to save a lot of money on costs, and they can now focus their savings on expanding their businesses and giving their staff those hard earned year-end bonuses! Being affordable sets us apart especially in our industry and all businesses want to save, they are not interested in products that cost them a high cost unless it is purely for luxury, but when it comes to the premium priced copiers world, we certainly find that we offer the best prices.

Advantage comes to the user in the form of our new printer range.

Our location is easy to find we are conveniently located on a popular area and a very customer friendly vicinity in that it is engaging and peaceful,


There are many competitors on the market offering generic services and products as we do, you can rest assured that Copiers and Printers is a fully registered company in compliance with South African corporate and tax laws. We are authentic and if we ever offer you a warranty or guarantee on ay product, we would follow that (terms and conditions apply). We have years of experience and a client base that can vouch for our excellent work and experience. Experience authentic copiers and printers that is affordable and that will be hassle free.

We are very friendly and customer oriented, our social media pages are always open for you to chat to us and get to find us more about us, we post engaging content and we stir up interesting and motivating content. We naturally feel great when our clients at copiers and printers are served properly and on time, we maintain the belief that happy customers are happy businesses, because we at copiers and printers realize that the relationship between us and our clients is a very important one to maintain.


Here are ways to select the best copiers and printers:


This is the total number of copies that your machine can make at any given setting. Determine the amount of time that the machine is used per day, if large fliers or posters will ever have to be printed or if a huge volume of personnel make use of the machine per day. It is vital to understand your operations before ever making decisions regarding your machines, so we do recommend that you thoroughly investigate your operations and take that as a guide to determining just exactly how much speed you will really need.



This is the number of times copier will be used. This helps a lot when deciding whether to purchase a black and white or a colored copier.


Scanning Features

This is a wonderful feature that can send images of your document straight to your computer.

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